As a storyteller, I strive to tap our immutable core. I live to create timeless stories of hope and renewal for a wide global audience; exploring the depths of human experience and the balance of technology. My passion has led me around the world, befriending people from all walks of life. I have witnessed our common archetypes emerge through the values, desires, dreams, emotions, innovation and suffering we share. My love with cinema deepens with each film I watch and collaborate on. Our industry today can do better to create entertainment serving a broad audience, exploring meaningful issues, affecting positive change, while satisfying culture's insatiable appetite; as great film does... entertaining mind and reaching our soul. Curiousity has led me to learn the mechanics and nuance of each department within development, pre-production, production, post-production and distribution on union and independent projects since 1998. I have tremendous respect for the motion picture technicians and artists who make every project possible; their sacrifice and dedication is unmatched in any industry today. The more I work, the more I'm brought back to my naive beginnings in screenwriting and directing. My diverse experience helps ground my vision and informs efficient decision-making. An industrial art form, film is constructed with equal measure business structure and fragile artistic vision; something I've worked hard to develop as an entrepreneur and artist. Bottom line; filmmaking is the most consistently cool thing that gets me fired up and out of bed each morning!

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